Vladimir Solomatin (leenr)

Software Developer @ Edadeal @ Yandex

Who am I?

I'm a 23 years old IT person, mostly skilled in software development, and driven by passion.
Passion to make great things whole out of many small components.
Passion to learn great new technologies and try something new to keep aforementioned passion coming.

My top skills

Python. I consider myself highly knowledgeable in Python language, it's standard library, certain third-party libraries, and the tooling. I have 5 years of experience in commercial development on top of the prior 3 year experience doing pet projects, and am considered an expert by my colleagues. I also understand GIL and had a look at C extensions. Know asyncio hands-on from the production system development experience, and also coded multithreading and multiprocessing things, and, yes, I know that these three approaches are solutions for their own problems, not always to be used interchangeably.

Git. My whole Python development experience was accompanied with Git experience, both as sole contributor and in a team. I can diff, stash, checkout, pull, rebase, stash pop, commit, --amend, merge, tag, push when needed without ever being unsure of what to do. I also know what gc does, what a reflog is and have a basic knowledge of how files, folders and diffs are internally stored (spoiler: as objects).

Linux CLI. GNU coreutils – find, grep, sed, and much more. bash/zsh - basic scripting, both inline and in .sh. Also curl, httpie, and still much more. I have 10 years of uninterrupted experience of using Linux desktop as my primary system, almost every day of my life, both at home, at work and on remote machines.

Other stuff combined. I have a basic knowledge of: Linux/*nix/generic OS internals (boot process, multiprocessing, memory management, process management, and so on), networking (TCP/IPv4, very basic IPv6, OSI stack, some high OSI levels protocols principles like of HTTP/1, tunnelling basics, etc.), and still even more.
At various points in life I also touched modern C++, Java (Android development), HTML, CSS and JavaScript (Web development), NodeJS (for simple apps), C (as in microcontroller development).

CTFs. I passionately love CTFs and have a good track record of leading places in Jeopardy CTFs, both in my past as a high schooler, and in the present as the participant in the internal competitions at Yandex - the company I currently work in.

Work experience

  • Яндекс / Yandex (2018 - now, the staff page)
    Едадил: Backend Developer at Data Runtime team and of miscellaneous projects (Python, aiohttp)
    Yandex Schools: Developer – small occasional help (Python)
    Moscow, Russia
  • Panoramik Games (2016 - 2018)
    Mighty Party, Forge of Gods, Commons: Backend Developer (Python 2 & 3, Flask)
    Admin and support tools: Developer of Backend (Python 2, Flask) and Frontend (JavaScript, Angular 1)
    Saint-Petersburg, Russia