Vladimir Solomatin (leenr)

Software Developer @ Edadeal @ Yandex

Who am I?

I'm an IT person. I love many things related to Linux, software development and computer networking — and especially something that intersects in between all three of them.

Professional experience

  • Yandex (March 2018 - now, link to the Staff page)
    Едадил: Backend Developer at Data Runtime team and of miscellaneous projects (Python, aiohttp, aiomisc, a small bit of C++)
    Yandex Academy schools: Tools developer, ad-hoc help (Python, aiohttp, aiogram, Yandex.Cloud API)
    Company's internal CTF: participant in 2018, 2019 (as part of a large team) and in 2020, 2021, 2022 (solo). Took quite successful place in 2022 (4th).
  • Panoramik Games (August 2016 - March 2018)
    Mighty Party, Forge of Gods, Commons: Backend Developer (Python 2 & 3, Flask)
    Admin and support tools: Developer of backend (Python 2, Flask) and frontend (JavaScript, Angular 1)

Notable general experience

  • Python
    10 years of experience (since mid-2013). asyncio — 5 years (since early 2018).
    First 3 years (until mid-2016) — non-professionaly, via side-projects (notably: SoHabr/СоХабр, help with pythontutor.ru, etc).
  • Linux
    About 11 years of experience (since around 2012) daily driving Arch Linux on all my workstations (at home and at work) and other Linux distributions on servers.

Something I quite bad at